Aventura Homeowners Relive an Eighties Classic

Aventura homeowners get a kick out of watching 1984’s “Hot For Teacher” video. In Van Halen’s modern classic, a school bus driven by David Lee Roth picks up a nerdy boy and the fabulous guitar intro begins. All the kid’s peers taunt the poor child for his appearance. Next thing you know, the screen turns to color as the teacher enters her classroom on a walkway. Strutting in only a bathing suit and high heels, the instructor’s ribbon reads “Phys Ed.” Eddie Van Halen then walks down a long stretch of tables lined up in the library during just another one of the number’s mean solos. Discover more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/homeowners-treat-eighties-treasure/

The Benefits of Morning Jogs for Wellington Homeowners

There are a variety of reasons that folks in Wellington homes like to go jogging every morning. For starters, it is fabulous for weight loss. Folks also go jogging in the morning to earn a good cardiovascular workout. You get to exercise your heart, lungs, and all the blood vessels that flow throughout your entire body. They all carry the oxygen that’s pumped from the heart. If you are out of shape, your heart must beat harder for oxygen to reach your muscles. Too much obstruction in your veins and arteries leads to lethal heart disease. Read more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/homeowners-become-morning-joggers/

Jane Marie Sterrett Wins Esteemed Award

Ever on the cutting edge of real estate technology, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty’s Managing Broker for the Melbourne Office, Caprice Atwell, announced today that Jane Marie Sterrett has received Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ distinguished eCertified The Next Generation designation. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices awards the designation to sales professionals who meet the extensive criteria and complete the eCertified training. The training and certification process is designed to prepare real estate professionals with the technological business skills necessary to service the emerging market and changing needs of today’s online consumer. “Being an eCertified sales professional means that I have the know-how and technical confidence to service my clients online 24/7,” said Jane Marie Sterrett. See more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/jane-marie-sterrett-ecertified-designation/

The Cost of a Pet in Your Oviedo Home

Before you run off and buy a dog to live in your Oviedo home, there are some facts you should consider. For starters, prices for dog training vary but as a rough guide, four weeks of training will cost in the region of $2,000. This would usually consist of two hours training a day, five days a week for four weeks. This should be enough to have an average dog very well trained. If you feel this is above your budget you should at the very least buy a good dog-training book. A good dog-training book shouldn’t cost you much more than $20 or $30. Discover more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/true-cost-keeping-pet-home/

Why Purchase a Boynton Beach Home, Rather Than Rent

When it comes down to it, a person is much better off buying a Boynton Beach home than renting one. There are several reasons why. For instance, you are in control. You have the freedom to decorate it and landscape it any way you wish. Want to cut your hedges in the shapes of animals, go for it. Want a mailbox shaped like a dog, who is going to stop you? You can have a pet or two. Just make sure there are no condo commandos or home association brats who will complain about your landscaping style. See more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/buy-boynton-beach-home-not-rent/

Vero Beach Homeowners Remember a Fab Show

Not every Vero Beach homeowner who was around 52 years ago cared about the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium. But those who were will never forget its historic significance. In 1964, the top five consisted of Beatles songs. The phenomenal feat was a first for rock and roll, and the record still stands in the twenty-first-century. In the 1960s, the baby boomers were in their teens and beginning to control the world’s media by mass consumption. Also, when the music industry first started making Beatles records, there were very few other things for adolescents to spend their money on. Discover more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/homeowners-recall-fab-shea-concert-52-years-ago/

Coral Springs Homeowners Lose Wrinkled Hands

Regardless of how old a Coral Springs homeowner is, he or she never wants to look down and see wrinkles all over his or her hands. There is nothing attractive about skin that isn’t smooth. At least you can prevent wrinkles on your hands by taking good care of your cuticles. If you do not have any Vaseline around, you can always rely on any old hand cream made with cocoa butter, if not shea butter. In fact, you should always keep some shea butter handy, whether it’s by your bed, on your desk or in the glove compartment. Read more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/homeowners-get-smooth-hands/

Should You Invest in an Aventura Home?

Like any business out there, a real estate professional who knows what he or she is doing can make fantastic money using TV to sell Aventura homes. Of course, doing so is often easier said than done. The goal is to buy low and sell high. Most people do not have a terrible amount of competition on the selling high portion of the program. The problem with that is that too few people really realize how much work goes into the hands-on part of the program. This is not easy money no matter how much the television cameras would like to convince you otherwise. Learn more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/tv-changed-real-estate-investing/

Redo Your Weston Home’s Living Room

Before you list your Weston home, you may want to consider fixing up your living room. After all, this room tends to be such a high traffic area, and to have so much time spent in it, it is often the first room to show signs of wear and tear and to begin to look dated. Luckily there are small changes, such as switching out light bulbs and big changes, like installing a new fireplace mantel that can give your living room a new look and won’t turn into a major DIY project or turn your home into a construction site. Read more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/decorating-tricks-update-living-room/

Oviedo Homeowners Enjoy Old Comedies

An Oviedo homeowner can stay in and have a blast watching some old comedies on TV, such as 1993’s National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1. Starring Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson, the flick features a long list of celebrity cameos, including Phil Hartman, Denis Leary, Jon Lovitz, Bruce Willis and Star Trek’s Scotty. The Estevez movie even references his brother’s farce, Hot Shots, as Charlie Sheen makes an appearance as well. Four of the main characters drive away in a Wayne’s World ending, all headbanging to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The script’s ridiculous one-liners earn a few laughs. Discover more at http://news.bhhsfloridarealty.com/homeowners-chuckle-spoofs/