Miami Beach Homeowners Stay Juiced

Let’s say you are a Miami Beach homeowner who suffers from fatigue on a regular basis. You can work out. After all, if you do not give your body enough exercise, it will become drained. You can join a gym or begin exercising at home. Whether it is weight lifting or cardiovascular workouts, try to get 30 minutes a day of healthy exercise, at least three days a week. It also helps to simply stretch out in order to get your blood flowing and pick up your energy level. Keep properly hydrated, and try to breathe properly to get enough oxygen into your lungs. See more at


Does Your Miami Beach Home Have Bunk Beds?

Want to add some color to your kid’s bedroom in your Miami Beach home? Perhaps all you need is bunk beds. Just be sure to only purchase a high-quality mattress. Also, remember that the mattress should fit perfectly in the bunk. The measurement should be at most one inch of space from the mattress to the bunk bed’s frame. Check out the slats on the lower bunk which holds the mattress to ensure that they give strong support and are properly and securely screwed into the bed frame side. Discover more about the “dos and don’ts” of bunk beds at

Make Your Miami Beach Home Office Comfy

If you work out of a Miami Beach home, you already know how important it can be to create a relaxing environment. The furniture should be comfortable, while the air conditioning is set just right. Besides the right desk and chair, treat yourself to visually appealing shelves, mouse, mouse pad and any other conveniences that you will use throughout the day. Some folks get chic set-ups, while others prefer to keep it simple. Just about every office utilizes filing cabinets and separates material by drawers. At some point, you may have to label the drawers to know what is kept where. Read more at

How Miami Beach Homeowners Chill Out

Rather than a Miami Beach homeowner getting stressed out, he or she can practice the right tricks to feel mentally stable. For instance, you must get plenty of rest. Doctors recommend getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Perhaps start going to bed a little bit earlier, and invest in a new pillow. Trust me, it’ll be well worth the money. Nutrition plays a giant role in your overall energy level and mood. After all, it’s difficult to feel stable when you are fat and bloated. Try eating lots of fruits and vegetables, along with proteins. Read more at

Owning an Exotic Pet in a Miami Beach Home

It can be pretty cool to have an exotic pet living in your Miami Beach home. However, it is important to know exactly what you are doing. For starters, make sure your pet is not an endangered creature. Bringing it home may not help in protecting their species if it would only mean the animal would die later. Checking the legality of an exotic pet is also for the owners to not have a conflict of interest with his neighbors. People may file a complaint against their possession of the exotic creature, so not only will this lead to the confiscation of the animal. Discover more at

Classic Records Found in Miami Beach Homes

Not every Miami Beach home has a notable record collection. But those that do are extremely impressive. For instance, Marcus Fink is a banker who takes pride in his record collection that includes Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Déjà Vu from 1970. Marcus says it stands as the quintessential album of the 1960’s counterculture. Each song on the LP is remarkable, as “Carry On,” “Teach Your Children,” “Almost Cut My Hair,” “Our House,” and “Woodstock” contains a social relevance that helped pioneer the folk-rock genre. Of course, Rich’s favorite LP is Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Uprising, a reggae classic from 1980. Read more at

Summer for Kids from Miami Beach Homes

Just about every boy and girl from a Miami Beach home loves the summertime, when there is no school and they get to travel. Some go to camp, while others visit family and friends around the world. For example, Jill is a 14-year old girl who gets to visit her favorite cousin who lives in Los Angeles. While Jill’s classmates are sweating in the Sunshine State’s humidity, she gets to chill out in Southern California. The two girls go to Venice Beach and ride a giant ferris wheel. Then they walk around Hollywood Blvd. and take pictures of the fancy stores. Learn more at

Save AC Money in Your Miami Beach Home

Living in a Miami Beach home over the summer can be rough. After all, the Sunshine State gets to be pretty darn hot, and one’s air conditioning bill can cost him or her a fortune. At least there are some handy tips to save you a few bucks. For instance, close all windows and maybe even purchase window coverings that stop the sun’s rays from sneaking into your home. If there are any holes or crack in them, seal them up with caulk. You can invest in a window awning too. If a room is not being used, close the vents. Learn more at

Waters to Play for Miami Beach Homeowners

If you are a Miami Beach homeowner who appreciates Pink Floyd, you are in for quite a treat next month. Roger Waters Us + Them tour will be at American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami on July 16. South Floridians may remember his 2010 jaunt in South Florida, The Wall. When Waters sang “Hey You,” an enormous wall blocked the talent from being seen by the crowd. During “Nobody Home,” a piece of the massive barricade folded down to show Waters singing. Touching videos of kids being reunited with their fathers coming home from war played during “Vera.” Discover more at

Make Your Miami Beach Home Nice and Cozy

Do you want to feel nice and relaxed regardless of what room you are in? It can be done in any Miami Beach home if you know the tricks to the trade. For example, it is always wise to play with a variety of colors until you find the ones that you like best. Mix and match a handful of colors and textures. Would forest green wallpaper go best with that carpet, or should you just stick to white? It is often smart to depend on soft materials, such as rich velvet upholstery to create an ideal atmosphere. You can put up matching artwork too. Discover more at